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CLS Member Communication May 2, 2022

What a great weekend in Ventura! Thanks to all who made the trek (racers and fans), to all our officials who help make the show a success and to the entire Ventura Raceway staff and particularly to Jim Naylor for upgrading the track prep to provide us a racier surface this season.

First off, Loudpedal Productions has updated our California Lightning Sprints YouTube channel ( (23) California Lightning Sprints - YouTube) with the videos from this weekend’s 2 main events. You can check them out here:

Make-up main event for Race#1 (3/16/22): California Lightning Sprints at Ventura Raceway 3-16-22

4/30 Main event: California Lightning Sprints at Ventura Raceway 4-30-22

Look for Scott’s press release coming soon for further details on the weekend.

Now for some CLS procedural news. Starting at our next event (Bakersfield on May 14th) we will no longer be collecting $25 for pill draw at the track. We will simply deduct the $25 fee from the event payout for each car signed in. This will hopefully streamline the sign-in process as each car will just have to sign in and draw their pill. Cars that did not make the main event will not receive any payout and cars that start the main event will have the $25 sign in fee automatically deducted from the purse. This is simply an accounting change and doesn’t penalize anyone, it fundamentally streamlines our processes.

Thanks to all and we’ll see you in 2 weeks,

Jon Robertson
310 367-9050