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CLS Member Communication
April 25, 2023.

Greetings and Felicitations fellow racers!

Just a brief note during our short hiatus between events. I hope everyone is taking this interlude between races to empty out those old coin jars, cash in the aluminum cans and get your cars all serviced and ready for the next phase in our schedule. Change the oil, grease those torsion bars, clean the injectors, polish the muffler bearings and freshen up your blinker fluid because our next event is May 13th . It's our first chance this season to party at the beach at Ventura Raceway!!! Summer is on it's way and so is a plethora of great racing. Your not going to want to miss out on a single race as we've got a lot of exciting events coming up.

But wait, there's more! Augmenting our June 17th race at Ventura Raceway (with USAC 360's/WagsDash) is the announcement that this race will now be added to our Best in the West series with SWLS!

Just look at the summer we have ahead of us! Get those cars out there, you're not going to want to miss an event!

May 13 Ventura Raceway with USAC 360

May 20 Bakersfield Speedway Best of the West #4 with SWLS

June 3 Bakersfield Speedway Civil War #1 with BCRA and USAC 360

June17 Ventura Raceway Best of the West #5 with SWLS, USAC 360/WagsDash

July 8 Ventura Raceway

July 22 Ventura Raceway Best of the West #6 with SWLS

August 19 Ocean Speedway Civile War #2 with BCRA - 63rd annual Johnny Key Classic

Let's get ready for a good time and some great racing! See you at the track!

Jon Robertson
310 367-9050