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(Torrance, CA, October 31, 2023)
Brodey who? That is what CLS regular drivers and fans were saying when the Mike Schweitzer #41B took to the track for hot laps. However, by the end of the night, they all knew exactly who teenage racer Brodey Graham was after he scored a convincing win in his first start in the California Lightning Sprint Car Series.

Winner Brodey Graham is surrounded by second place finisher Bobby Michnowicz (left) and third
place Aiden Lange. CLS photo.

Graham is the latest driver in the Schweitzer-owned lightning sprint out of Bakersfield. A micro driver who is also from Bakersfield, car owner Schweitzer was impressed with what Graham had done racing a micro at Lemore and decided to give him a shot. Needless to say, the long-time car owner was over the moon when Graham presented him with his second CLS win of the year and the lion’s share of the more than $500.00 Channel Islands Floorcoverings winner’s check.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jeff Dyer got the CLS portion of the show off to a flying start when he broke the speed limit and set the fastest qualifying time of 12.231. It was his series-leading fifth fast time of the year. Ventura local Cody Nigh of Camarillo was second quickest at 12.251. Lakewood’s Aiden Lange, who has top-five finishes in his last five starts including a win at the last race at Ventura on September 23rd, had the third-best time of 12.287.

The two CLS heat races were each one from the pole position. Palmdale’s Eric Greco, who is second to five-time series champion Bobby Michnowicz in the point standings, captured the first eight-lapper over Graham and Dyer. Greco’s win was his sixth of the season and that is one better than Michnowicz. “Rockstar” Jon Robertson of Torrance scored his fourth heat race win of the year in the second eight-lapper when he bested Michnowicz and 2022 Rookie of the Year Connor Speir of Fillmore. However, that proved to be Robertson’s last hurrah of the night.

When the cars lined up for the 25-lap main, upstart Graham and Speir made up the front row. Michnowicz and Lange were side by side in row two. The third row featured Nigh and Dyer.

When the green flag signaled the initial start of the 25-lapper on the full moon night, Graham exploded into the lead and led through the first bend before wily Oak Hills veteran Michnowicz, who leads the CLS not only in points, but also in wins with four, sped by on the inside coming off turn two. However, his lead was short-lived as officials called the start back as Graham took off before the start delineator.

Before the second try to start the main could get off the ground, fast qualifier Dyer rolled to a stop on the front straight when the front sprocket came off of his car ending his night before he could get a lap in.

On the restart, Graham got the jump at the green and paced Michnowicz and Speir into turn one. Seth Dyer, who was fresh off his first lightning win in the POWRi Southwest Lightning Series race the week before at Imperial Valley, pulled off the track. The weld they put on the engine before his win had come off and they decided to start and park to protect the powerplant at Ventura.

By the end of the first circuit, Graham in the Abacas/Van’s Logging/Bill Mell Real Estate Services/Oil Well Service/Elite Signs & Promotions/M.P Environmental/#41B, had a two-car length lead over Michnowicz. That advantage turned into a half-straightaway lead when Michnowicz bobbled and slowed coming off turn two on lap three. That faux paws not only allowed Graham to pull away, but it also let third place Lange pull to Michnowicz rear bumper.

At the five-lap mark, Graham still had a commanding advantage over second place Michnowicz who still had his hands full trying to fend off Lange. Speir was fourth.

Michnowicz finally shook off the pesky Lange, but he was not closer to the 15-year-old Graham, who hit lapped traffic at the start of the 10th circuit. Graham had no problem with the first lapper, but when Michnowicz got to the same car at the end of lap 10, he momentarily struggled. That allowed Lange to close back in on the second-place driver. However, Lange got a little too far sideways in turn two and that allowed Michnowicz to pull clear again.

Graham, who in addition to racing plays high school football, was cruising out front like a seasoned veteran when another yellow slowed the action when Robertson ventilated an engine and rolled to a stop in turn four on lap 11.

The field bunched up behind the rookie for the restart and the green light flashed back on. Unfortunately, the light quickly changed back to yellow when fourth place Speir slid sideways in turn four and was clipped by Anaheim’s Dale Gamer.

The next restart showed Graham, Michnowicz, Lange, and Nigh in the top four spots. Merced winner Greco was fifth. The last 15 laps went without a yellow. Michnowicz stayed close to Graham for three laps, but the teen started pulling away from that point on. He increased his advantage to over a half straight. Graham did encounter lapped traffic with three laps to go but busted threw it before Michnowicz could mount a threat. In the end, Graham had the win with room to spare. Michnowicz placed second giving him 11 top-three finishes in the first 15 races of the season. Lange raced home in the third place spot with Nigh and Greco rounding out the top five.

Rookie Zate Legend of Riverside, competing in only his sixth CLS race, picked up the Advanced Racing Suspension and Italian Stallion Hard Charger awards and the accompanying $150.00 after going from ninth on the start to finish sixth.

The CLS final points-paying race of the year will be November 14th at the Bakersfield Speedway. Going into that event, Michnowicz has a commanding 111 point lead over young contender Greco. With 142 points the maximum amount that any driver can pick up on a night, Michnowicz looks to be headed for his sixth series title. Lange has moved up to third in points. Robertson and Speir are fourth and fifth.

The following companies are marketing partners with the CLS in 2023. Hoosier Tires West, T-Shirts By Timeless, Extreme Mufflers, RacingJunk.com, Advanced Racing Suspension, Channel Islands Floorcoverings, King Racing Products, BR Motorsports, EZ Up, RC Fuel Injection, and Triple X. If you or your company would like to be a marketing partner with the CLS, please contact Jon Robertson using the contact information at the top of this release.

To keep up with the CLS online, please visit the website at http://racecls.com/ or on.

Ventura Raceway October 28th Results

QUALIFYING: 1. Jeff Dyer, 12.231; 2. Cody Nigh, 12.251; 3. Aiden Lange, 12.287; 4. Bobby Michnowicz, 12.298; 5. Brodey Graham, 12.304; 6. Connor Speir 12.473; 7. Eric Greco, 12.610; 8. Jon Robertson, 12.682; 9. Zate Legend, 13,453; 10. Dale Gamer, 13.795; No Time, Seth Dyer

Racing Junk 8 Lap Heat #1: 1. Eric Greco, 2. Brodey Graham, 3. Jeff Dyer, 4. Aiden Lange, 5. Zate Legend, 6. Seth Dyer

Extreme Muffler 8 Lap Heat #2: 1. Jon Robertson, 2. Bobby Michnowicz, 3. Connor Speir, 4. Cody Night, 5. Dale Gamer

Ventura 25 Lap Main Event (with starting positions):
1. Brodey Graham, Lemore, CA … (1st)
2. Bobby Michnowicz, Oak Hills, CA … (3rd)
3. Aiden Lange, Lakewood, CA … (4th)
4. Cody Nigh, Camarillo, CA … (5th)
5. Eric Greco, Palmdale, CA … (7th)
6. Zate Legend, Riverside, CA … (9th)
7. Dale Gamer, Anaheim, CA … (10th)
8. Connor Speir, Fillmore, CA … (2nd)
9. Jon Robertson, Torrance, CA … (8th)
10. Seth Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA … (11th)
11. Jeff Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA … (6th)

CLS October 28th Contingency Awards

Racing Junk Heat Race #1 – Eric Greco

Extreme Muffler Heat Race #2 $50.00 Certificate – Jon Robertson

BR Motorsports Main Event 2nd Place Finisher $25.00 Certificate – Bobby Michnowicz

King Motorsports Main Event 5th Place Finisher $25.00 Certificate – Eric Greco

Advanced Racing Suspension Hard Charger $50.00 Certificate – Zate Legend

PJ Benedetti Italian Stallion Hard Charger $100.00 Award – Zate Legend

2023 California Lightning Sprint Car Series Point Standings
1. Bobby Michnowicz, Lomita, CA … 1887
2. Eric Greco, Palmdale, CA … 1776
3. Aiden Lange, Lakewood, CA … 1380
3. Jon Robertson, Torrance, CA … 1349
5. Connor Speir, Fillmore, CA … 1324
6. Jeff Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA … 1228
7. Seth Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA … 1055
8. Cody Nigh, Camarillo, CA … 959
9. Pat Kelley, Chino, CA … 835
10. AJ Bender, San Diego, CA … 746

CLS vs BCRA Civil War Standings
1. Greg Dennett, BCRA … 504
2. Eric Greco, CLS … 485
3. Bobby Michnowicz, CLS … 447
4. Dakota Albright, BCRA … 441
5. Aiden Lange, CLS … 430
6. Chris Crowder, BCRA … 343
7. Connor Speir, CLS … 327
7. Jon Robertson, CLS … 272
9. Leland Day, CLS … 245
10. Seth Dyer, CLS … 243

2023 CLS vs SWLS Best of the West Standings
1. Bobby Michnowicz, Lomita, CA, CLS … 666
1. Eric Greco, Palmdale, CA, CLS … 602
3. Jeff Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA, CLS … 535
4. Brent Sexton, Lakeside, CA. SWLS … 490
5. Connor Speir, Fillmore, CA, CLS … 447
5. Jon Robertson, Torrance, CA, CLS … 447
7. Seth Dyer, Yucca Valley, CA, CLS … 438
8. Pat Kelley, Chino, CA, CLS … 403
9. Cody Griggs, Lakeside, CA, SWLS … 299
10. Robbie Brockman, El Cajon, CA, SWLS … 280

2023 California Lightning Sprint Car Series Schedule

March 10 Imperial Raceway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #1 AJ Bender

March 11 Imperial Raceway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #2 Braden Chiaramonte

March 18 Bakersfield Speedway CLS With USAC Western Midgets Rained Out

April 1 Mohave Valley Raceway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #3 Brent Sexton

April 8 Bakersfield Speedway CLS AJ Bender

May 13 Ventura Raceway CLS With USAC 360 Sprint Cars Bobby Michnowicz

May 20 Bakersfield Speedway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #4 Bobby Michnowicz

June 3 Bakersfield Speedway CLS/BCRA “Civil War Series Round” #1 Jeff Dyer

June 17 Ventura Raceway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #5 Bobby Michnowicz

July 8 Ventura Raceway CLS Bobby Michnowicz

August 19 Ocean Speedway CLS/BCRA “Civil War Series Round” #2 Chris Crowder

September 9 Bakersfield Speedway CLS/BCRA “Civil War Series” Round #3 Chris Crowder

September 23 Ventura Raceway CLS Aiden Lange

September 30 Merced Speedway CLS/BCRA “Civil War Series” Round #4, Eric Greco

October 14 Mohave Valley Speedway CLS/SWLS “Best of the West” Round #6 Jeff Dyer

October 28 Ventura Raceway CLS Brodey Graham

November 14 Bakersfield Speedway CLS/SWLS Best of The West Round #7

November 17 Placerville Speedway “Hangtown 100” No Points Non Wing

November 18 Placerville Speedway “Hangtown 100” No Points Non Wing

1994 Tony Everhart, 1995 Gary Sexton, 1996 Rob Sczymczak, 1997 Jon Rahe, 1998 Chris Rahe, 1999 Brent Sexton, 2000 Greg Bragg, 2001 Greg Bragg, 2002 Greg Bragg, 2003 David Cardey, 2004 Keith Janca, 2005 Johnny Bates, 2006 Donny Gansen, 2007 Shane Rossen, 2008 Brent Sexton, 2009 Stuart Hielschier Sr., 2010 Jarrett Kramer, 2011 Tim Brown, 2012 Bobby Michnowicz, 2013 Stephen Limon, 2014 Bobby Michnowicz, 2015 Bobby Michnowicz, 2016 Bobby Michnowicz, 2017 Bobby Michnowicz, 2018 Jarrett Kramer, 2019 Jarrett Kramer, 2021 David Gasper, 2022 David Gasper

This press release was produced by Scott Daloisio Sports (909) 226-7768 mailto:sdaloisiosports@gmail.com